Google Gemini Advanced Gets Amazing Update Today!

Release updates


Introducing Gemini 1.5 Pro to Gemini Advanced

What: Gemini Advanced gives you direct access to Google’s next-generation model, 1.5 Pro. With 1.5 Pro, Gemini Advanced can process significantly more information, running up to 1 million tokens - that's 1,500 pages.

Gemini Advanced will also be available in 150+ countries and territories, as well as 35+ supported languages.Opens in a new window

Why: A longer context window lets you solve more complex problems than ever before, which can save you time and boost productivity when you explore and analyze information. We're also gradually expanding access to more languages, countries, and territories to enable more people to experience Gemini Advanced. Upgrade to Gemini Advanced

Exclusive to Gemini Advanced: Document Upload

What: Seamlessly upload multiple Google Docs, PDFs, and Word files from Google Drive or your device for summaries, feedback, and insights about your academic, personal, and other documents.

This new feature helps elevate your research and writing by summarizing complex topics, identifying trends within and across documents, sharing comprehensive feedback on your written work, and transforming notes and transcripts into structured outlines.

Why: Unlock deeper insights from your documents and streamline your workflows with Gemini Advanced to save time.

Chat with Gemini in Google Messages

What: Starting in English and on select devicesOpens in a new window , you can now chat with Gemini directly in Google Messages. Try it out by clicking on the “Start chat” button on Google Messages and select Gemini.

Why: You can draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events or simply have a fun conversation, all without leaving the Google Messages app.

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