The latest Android 15 preview adds more features for physical keyboards

Android 15 might include new accessibility features to make physical keyboards more user-friendly.

What you need to know:

+ Google is striving to enhance physical keyboard support on Android, aiming for a desktop-like experience across all devices.

+ Android 15 Developer Preview 2 introduces three new accessibility options for physical keyboards: Sticky keys, Slow keys, and Bounce Keys.

+ Android 15 DP2 introduces the Slow Keys option, which allows users to customize the duration of key presses.

Google has been working on actual consoles on Android, holding back nothing like insight on any gadget. The organization could present new console highlights in the following form of Android to keep pursuing that objective.

Mishaal Rahman at Android Authority dropped news about new console highlights in Android 15 Engineer See 2. Evidently, the most recent delivery incorporates three openness choices for actual consoles: Tacky keys, Slow keys, and Skip keys. Tacky and bob keys were at that point seen in Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2, however the Sluggish keys choice is pristine.

You can track down the Sluggish keys choice by going to Settings, tapping on Framework, trailed by Console, lastly, Actual Console under the Openness area.

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