Beeper Is Back! & Removes Wait-list

- Beeper removed its waitlist after being acquired by Automattic

 - The company will introduce a paid subscription service while retaining a free tier

- Users will need to save their recovery code and messaging other platforms will be handled on device
+ Beeper acquisition by Automattic
 Beeper, a popular messaging app, recently made headlines due to its attempt to offer iMessage services to Android users, which was ultimately blocked by Apple. Despite this setback, Beeper remains a sought-after service and has now removed its waitlist, allowing hundreds of thousands more users to access the platform.

+ Changes to Beeper's subscription model
 In a significant development, Beeper was recently acquired by Automattic, the company behind Tumblr, Pocket Casts, and WordPress. While the financial details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, it is evident that Beeper has gained more resources to expand its user base. The removal of the waitlist indicates a potential increase in server capacity to accommodate the over 400,000 users waiting to join the service.

+ User account setup and messaging changes
 With the acquisition, Beeper users can expect to see changes such as the introduction of a paid subscription service while retaining all current features on the app. The CEO confirmed a free tier will always be available, and the paid subscription may offer access to more advanced features similar to Telegram Premium. Additionally, users will now be required to save a recovery code and messaging between different platforms will be handled on the device for increased security and privacy.

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