Google's New Find My Device App + Network is LIVE!


Google has finally rolled out the upgraded Find My Device network for Android devices and compatible accessories! Billions of Android devices can now locate each other with Bluetooth proximity in a secure manner. Here’s what you need to know:

How It Works:

The Find My Device network uses Bluetooth to track down missing phones and other devices that are disconnected from Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

If your phone joins the network, it periodically checks for nearby devices to help crowdsource the location of any missing devices.


While Google already offers a Find My Device setting on Android phones, the device you’re looking for must be powered on and connected for the feature to work.

The new Find My Device network expands this capability to include devices that are powered off or not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Global Impact:

This feature is designed to work globally, making it easier to locate lost devices even when they’re not actively connected.

Keep an eye out for this helpful feature as it becomes available on your Android devices!

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