Pixel eight’s powered-off find My equipment monitoring also coming to other Android phones

  • Google has pointed out that Pixel 8-like powered-off monitoring abilities should also come to different Android phones.
  • The company is working with different SOCs and smartphone OEMs to make this happen.
  • The function should first land on extra top rate Android handsets before it comes to greater low-budget phones.
  • Google's upgraded find My gadget community can locate contraptions even when they are offline and not linked to the web. but with the Pixel 8 series, Google goes a step extra and lets users find the telephones even when they are switched off or have a useless battery. Google has demonstrated to Android Authority that this ability will also come to different telephones.

    Google says it uses really good hardware on the Pixel eight and 8 pro that powers the Bluetooth chip internal the telephones even when they run out of battery or are powered off. Google is encouraging other Android mobilephone OEMs to adopt this method.

    "we're working with other SOCs and OEMs on how we can carry the skill to find devices with useless batteries to additional top class Android instruments," a Google consultant instructed us in an emailed reply to our queries.

    So it looks other Android telephones will additionally get powered-off tracking capabilities with the new find My equipment community as soon as different OEMs determine a means to hold the Bluetooth chip inside alive in switched-off mode. What's not clear is if this can also be carried out on existing Android telephones apart from the Pixel 8 series.

    At current, most Android instruments which are powered off can't ping every different over Bluetooth. iPhones were able to try this long before Google brought the capability to the Pixel 8 lineup. What is still to be viewed is whether latest flagships like the Galaxy S24 sequence have the baked-in hardware aid to retain the Bluetooth chip powered even when the principal processor and OS are shut down.

    As Android Authority contributor Mishaal Rahman in the past defined, the feature will also probably require up to date utility that Google Play functions can use to ship precomputed Finder community keys to the Bluetooth chip.

    Will different latest Pixel contraptions get the characteristic? alas, Google did not provide us an answer to that query.

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