TikTok's days are literally numbered in the US as bill to ban app is signed into law

The U.S. government has signed a new bill into law that could lead to a nationwide ban of TikTok. The company has less than a year to divest the app and find a potential buyer.

President Biden has signed a bill that could lead to a nationwide ban on TikTok, CNN reports. This was announced days after the House approved the bill and a day after the Senate voted in favor.

This bill, included in a foreign aid package, would mean app stores like Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store would not be able to legally offer TikTok in the United States. But the ban would come overnight, as the bill gives TikTok's owner ByteDance less than a year (270 days) to sell the app and find a potential buyer. It's not something you do.

Following the bill's signing, TikTok CEO Shou Chu expressed his thoughts on the issue on the app, saying, "We're not going anywhere." The platform, which has more than 7 million business owners making a living from TikTok, encourages users to post videos about how the app impacts their lives. . He also said TikTok will continue to invest in keeping its community "vibrant, exciting and safe."

"Through our commitment to security in the United States, we have taken security measures that other comparable companies have not taken. We protect your data and protect our platform from outside manipulation. We've invested billions of dollars in data. The US has already banned the app on government-issued devices. Meanwhile, efforts to address these concerns have largely failed, leaving TikTok's future uncertain for the app and its users. Questions also remain as to whether ByteDance will be allowed to sell TikTok.

Tech Studios reached out to TikTok for comment on the bill signing, but did not receive a response in time for publication. However, a TikTok spokesperson told CNN that the company believes the ban is "unconstitutional" and that TikTok will continue to appeal the decision.

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